Karcher Wash & Wax Plug 'N' Clean Car Shampoo - 1 Litre


Karcher Wash & Wax Plug 'N' Clean Car Shampoo - 1 Litre

Karcher Wash & Wax Plug 'N' Clean Car Shampoo - 1 Litre


Genuine consumable

Stock No: 2140306PM

  • Product Description

    For thorough and sustained cleaning of vehicles and bikes use the Karcher Wash & Wax Plug 'N' Clean Car Shampoo!

    Car shampoos for the exterior of your car are designed to clean dirt and grease from the paintwork while protecting the surface from scratches. The feel of the shampoo helps to keep small dirt particles and even abrasive sponges from scratching the paint's surface.

    The unique 3-in-1 formula in this shampoo offers exceptional cleaning performance. With its active dirt remover, quick-drying and ultra-shine formula it gives outstanding cleaning efficiency, care and protection in one step.

    Easy to use - Simply plug in the container, no mess (applicable with Plug & Clean facility pressure washers) for gentle cleaning of all vehicle types. Just spray on and leave to settle for a few minutes, then blast away that dirt and grime with your pressure washer.

    Keep your car’s paint in great condition with the Wash & Wax Plug 'N' Clean Car Shampoo!

    Compatible with all Kärcher pressure washers.


    • 1 Litre capacity
    • 3-in-1 Formula - great at dissolving dirt and speeds up drying time to give a high shine finish
    • Powerful and especially gentle
    • Clean sensitive points on vehicles or motorcycles
    • Quick-dry formula for streak-free drying
    • Ultra Gloss Formula - for brilliant shine on the whole vehicle
    • Plug ’n’ Clean system - easiest and quickest way to apply detergent
    • Tensides biodegradable in accordance with OECD
    • Ready to use cleaning agent (RTU)
    • Please Note: To attach this solution to your pressure washer, you need to remove the outer lid. You are then presented with the inner stopper - and this also needs to be removed too

    The manufacturer of this product has provided additional information that you may find useful regarding the safe use of this product and any necessary precautions you should be aware of. Full details are available in the downloadable PDF.

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Genuine consumable

Stock No: 2140306PM