AVF Shock Absorber Kit

Merloni (Indesit Group)

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AVF Shock Absorber Kit

AVF Shock Absorber Kit


Genuine spare part

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    If your washing machine produces excessive vibrations or impacts during use, there could be a danger of damage to your other fixtures and appliances, or an unwanted and annnoying noise.

    Use this genuine Shock Absorber Kit to absorb some of the shocks produced by the movement of your machine, reducing the noise it produces and the impacts it can have on its surrounding appliances. Faulty suspension systems can result in internal damage and leakages, making this part ideal for maintaining the condition of your appliance.

    Please check the model fit list to ensure that this part is correct for your model.


    • Includes 2 Suspension Legs & Pins
    • Type: 100N
    • Shock Absorber Kit

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      Includes 2 suspension legs & pins Type: 100N Over time, the dampers in your washing machine can become stretched or even damaged from the constant... More information

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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 1159415PM