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Thomson 2-in-1 Universal Remote Control


Thomson 2-in-1 Universal Remote Control

Thomson 2-in-1 Universal Remote Control


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Genuine spare part

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  • Product Description

    The 2-in-1 Universal Remote Control is compatible with the majority of television sets, DVD players, as well as digital boxes such as satellite or cable receivers, DVBT receivers, ADSL decoders, and so on.

    Thanks to learn and macro functions, this universal remote is different from simple "universal" models as it offers a blank slate to the programmer. Using a web-based program, the remote can add codes from nearly any device and with macro functions it executes multiple commands with a single button press, turning on every device in your system and setting each to the correct input.

    Pre-programmed with an extensive library of codes, this remote control is easy to set up by simply entering a code or by using the Automatic code search function. It's a must have for replacing a damaged or lost original remote control.

    This universal remote control uses infra-red (IR) signal transmission and a frequency range of 0 - 400 kHz to communicate with your equipment. This is one of the most popular ways remote controls operate, giving you the best possible line of sight between the remote control and the equipment you are trying to control.

    Consolidate the operation and management of your audio and video components up to 2 devices, with this 2-in-1 Universal Remote Control.


    • Universal Remote Control - Perfect for controlling several terminal devices
    • Control Levels - TV / SAT-STB
    • Pre-programmed for all TV brands and sets which are available in Europe
    • Range: 16m
    • Learn and macro function
    • Backlight for device buttons, Prog +/- buttons and Vol +/- buttons
    • Colour coded buttons - for the control of special CATV and IP-TV functions
    • Manual code entry - for direct and quick programming by means of code list
    • Automatic code search for comfortable programming via the search function
    • Ergonomic button design - ensures ease of use
    • Special front housing - reduces fingerprints
    • Bottom side of housing with soft touch coating for better grip
    • Includes 1 x code list, 2 x AAA batteries and operating instructions
    • Signal Transmission: Infrared
    • Frequency Range: 0 kHz - 400 kHz
    • Colour: Black
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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 3899238PM