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Lavazza Dek Cremoso Compostable Capsules (Box Of 16 Capsules)


£5.74 Pack of 16
Lavazza Dek Cremoso Compostable Capsules (Box Of 16 Capsules)

Lavazza Dek Cremoso Compostable Capsules (Box Of 16 Capsules)


Genuine consumable

Stock No: 3830909PM

  • Product Description

    The Dek Cremoso coffee capsules for your A Modo Mio machine are made with decaffeinated Brazilian Arabica beans that delivers a full-bodied and tasty espresso.

    With intense, persistent, smooth, full-bodied and rich in roasted aromas to give a fragrance that's absolutely unmistakeable to this exceptional blend. A balanced coffee that's perfectly formed in every way with an exceptionally velvety crema.

    Each capsule in this pack of 16 is self-protected and aroma safe to guarantee best in cup results for the entire shelf life.

    The capsules are also compostable allowing them to be harvested moist and undergo composting, a process in which the capsule and coffee grounds are transformed into compost for the soil. This triggers a virtuous cycle that transforms waste products into a raw material that can be used in another production cycle.

    You can now dispose of both the contents (coffee grounds) and the container (compostable bioplastic capsule) directly into your food waste, so a product that would otherwise be designated as general non-recyclable waste can be recycled organically.

    These capsules combine your love of espresso with a desire to protect the environment, and in a few months these capsules will become compost.

    Lavazza decaffeination method leaves the unique characteristics of each origin unchanged.


    • Composition: 100% Arabica
    • Intensity: 7/13
    • Roast: Medium
    • Eco Capsule Compostable Technology - capsule is self protected and aroma safe
    • Allows substantial reduction in waste
    • Compatibility: 100% compatibility with A Modo Mio machines
    • Carton contains 16 capsules
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Genuine consumable

Stock No: 3830909PM