Handy 6 Piece Chainsaw Safety Starter Kit


Handy 6 Piece Chainsaw Safety Starter Kit

Handy 6 Piece Chainsaw Safety Starter Kit


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    Get your chainsaw up and running safely, with the 6 Piece Chainsaw Starter Kit.

    Your chainsaw is a typically reliable machine, but it also needs regular maintenance to ensure its in proper working order. Maintaining the chainsaw properly is important for your safety and of those around you.

    Kit Contains:

    Chainsaw Helmet - Has been designed to offer protection from falling branches and impacts when using your chainsaw. It protects your head against impacts in the event of a kickback and features a six point internal harness that provides optimum protection in all sorts of tough cutting situations.

    Chainsaw Gloves - Helps protect hands from the rigors of cutting.

    Fuel Filter Funnel - The purpose of the fuel filter funnel is to remove water, dirt and debris from your fuel. Dirt and water in stored fuel can cause engine shutdown or reduced performance. This funnel omes complete with a fine nylon gauze filter.

    Fuel Mixing Bottle - This bottle enables you to mix fuel to the proper ratios quickly and easily. It is also great at helping avoid the use of stale fuel which could affect the performance of your machine. Use this Mixing Bottle for mixing the right fuel-to-oil mixture for your machine, ensuring you won’t damage the engine’s internal parts.

    500ml 2 Stroke Mineral Oil - High quality two stroke oil that is suitable for use in most two stroke petrol engined garden machinery. This oil is low ash, helping reduce pre-ignition tendencies.

    1 Litre Chainsaw Chain Oil - High performance chain oil boasting additives designed to keep your chainsaw in top condition. It delivers low carbon build up, great performance even at high temperatures, helping reduce the chance of chainsaw failure.

    Performing regular maintenance with this Chainsaw Starter Kit to keep your chainsaw in good working order.


    • 1 x Chainsaw Helmet
    • 1 x Chainsaw Gloves
    • 1 x Fuel Filter Funnel
    • 1 x Fuel Mixing Bottle
    • 1 x 500ml 2 Stroke Mineral Oil
    • 1 x 1 Litre Chainsaw Chain Oil
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Stock No: 3888815PM