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Lost your TV or DVD Remote Control?

There's no doubting that the convenience of remote controls makes life easier, so it's no surprise that when the remote control is misplaced most people look for a replacement straight away.


However, a lost remote control isn't the only reason to buy a replacement remote control, other reasons include:

Switching to a Universal Remote Control

TV, DVD player, VCR, Sky box… The amount of electronic devices you have in the home can soon add up and leave your coffee table cluttered with numerous remote controls. For many a multifunction universal remote provides the perfect solution, enabling you to control many devices from the same remote.

Remotes with specific design features

You are no longer limited to the remote control supplied with the TV. There are now universal remote controls available with special features for improved functionality. These include innovative products like large button remotes, perfect for the elderly and partial sighted.

The Benefits of Universal Remote Controls

Replacing your original remote control is an opportunity to switch to a universal remote rather than buying a 'like for like' replacement. There's a fantastic choice of universal remote controls available, with many universal remotes able to control multiple devices such as the TV, DVD Player, etc… Although there are universal remotes that will only work with one device.


Control multiple devices with a single remote control

Universal remote controls are not brand specific and are specifically developed to use with a whole variety of infrared controlled devices. However, when buying a universal remote control you need to make sure that it is compatible with all the devices you want to control or that it has the capacity to learn new devices and commands.

Many universal remote controls are developed by leading electronics brands and will often match or surpass the quality of the original.

TV Remote Control not working?

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If your remote control isn't connecting with your TV, try these simple steps.

  1. Check the batteries: make sure that the batteries are in properly, that they're in the correct way round and are pressed against the contacts.
  2. Replace the batteries: if the batteries are in the correct position and the remote still doesn't work, try a different set of batteries.
  3. Check the infrared ports: make sure that there are no obstacles blocking either the port on the TV or on the remote control.
  4. Switch off & try again: Turn off the TV at the mains for a minute and try again.

These tips can be applied to any device you are trying to control, not just the TV. However, if they don't work it's probably the time to buy a replacement remote control.

Finding the Remote Control for you

If you've lost or broken the TV remote control then it doesn't take long to start missing the convenience. Skipping through the channels just isn't the same if you've got to get off the sofa. Fortunately, finding a replacement is easy and inexpensive.

There are two types of replacement remote control available; genuine and universal.

Genuine Remote Controls are 'like for like' replacements made by the manufacturer of the TV or other electronic device. We have genuine remotes from more than 100 brands including Sony, Phillips and Samsung.

Universal Remote Controls are designed to be compatible with many brands and models. Many universal remotes can be used to control multiple devices such as the TV, DVD player, VCR, Freeview box and Satellite boxes.

To find a remote that will work with your device, simply use our quick finder. All you need to enter is the make (brand) of yourdevice and the model number, which can be found on the device casing or instruction manual.

Don't forget the batteries!

If you need a new remote control or replacement batteries for your existing remote, try our batteries section