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BWT Gourmet Edition MG2+ Water Filter Jug


BWT Gourmet Edition MG2+ Water Filter Jug

BWT Gourmet Edition MG2+ Water Filter Jug


Stock No: 3889627PM

  • Product Description

    The BWT Gourmet Edition MG2+ Water Filter Jug provides up to 40mg of magnesium per litre of water.

    Magnesium has many benefits, not only does it help the body function providing additional healthy benefits, but magnesium also gives water a delicious natural taste. The water filter works in two stages, the first stage removes the aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances, i.e. chlorine. In the second filtering process, it removes heavy metals such as lead and copper, thereby protecting domestic appliances against limescale.

    The core of the water filter is its filter cartridge that features patented BWT magnesium technology.


    • 120 Litre capacity
    • Total Volume: 2.7 Litres
    • Filtered Volume: 1.5 Litres
    • Patented BWT Mg2+ technology releases magnesium ions into filtered water
    • Multi-stage filtration process - removes contaminants and calcifying elements
    • Enriches drinking water with vital magnesium ions
    • Retains magnesium naturally present in water and adds sufficient extra magnesium
    • Improved, pure water containing no taste-inhibiting or harmful substances
    • Granulated activated carbon - removes impurities and aroma
    • Ion exchanger removes calcium and heavy metals
    • Gourmet taste of water enriched with magnesium with taste-inhibiting substances removed
    • Effective hard water protection - protects household appliances from limescale deposits
    • Electronic change indicator
    • Self closing spout flap
    • Fits in all standard fridge doors
    • Dishwasher safe (except lid)
    • Dimensions : 264 x 115 x 287 (mm)
    • Weight: 0.88 (Kg)
    • Colour: Aubergine
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Stock No: 3889627PM