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    If the door seal on your appliance needs to be replaced then this is the ideal replacement. Learn more about door seals below:

    What does the washing machine door seal do?
    The washing machine door seal, otherwise known as a gasket or rubber, is a very important part of the appliance on a front loader machine. It securely seals the door in place when shut to prevent any water getting out. During a cycle, most washing machine doors automatically lock which is when the door seal does its job best.

    Is the washing machine door seal causing the problem?
    The faults listed below indicate an issue with the door seal. You may need to replace the seal if:

    o Your appliance is leaking from the front of the door
    o The door seal is torn, warped or damaged
    o Mould has built up at the bottom of the seal and it's beyond cleaning

    Bear in mind that the door seal may not be the only fault that can cause a leak in your washing machine.

    When you need to replace a washing machine door seal
    Door seals are not a consumable item and so they will usually only need to be replaced if they are perished or broken. However, constant opening and closing of the door can eventually take its toll on the seal, compressing it which can result in a leak.

    If you leave any hard objects in the machine during the cycle such as keys or coins, this can tear the door seal, while water left at the bottom of the seal can cause it to perish. If you notice that you door seal is wearing away then it's probably time to change it.

    How to replace the washing machine door seal

    1: Remove the retaining band that holds the door seal against the front of the washing machine. Some can be prized off with a screwdriver, whilst others have a fastening
    2: Once the outer retaining band is removed, then pull away the seal.
    3: Fit the new seal, making sure that the drain holes at bottom. Make sure that it's all fixed on securely.
    4: Finally, attach the new seal to front of the washing machine, with the retaining band on.

    Please note that these steps are a rough guide and they may vary depending on the make and model of your washing machine. Remember, safety first, always switch off your appliance at the mains when carrying out appliance maintenance.

    Any associated problems?
    Build-up of bacteria in your door seal is becoming a common problem now that we wash at lower temperatures. This is because bacteria are not being killed off as effectively and this result is mildew and black marks on the door seal. Regular cleaning and using the right detergent can prevent bacteria build-up and ensure your appliance is hygienically clean. It is recommended that you put the empty machine on a hot cycle once a month to help remove any build up.

    While you're replacing the door seal, why not…
    Give the detergent drawers a good clean as this is another problem area where bacteria build. It's also worth cleaning the door glass, as debris can sometimes allow the water in your machine to escape in between the seal and the glass.

    Expert Tips
    If you soak your door seal in warm water before fitting, it will make it easier to work with and fit in place.
    2. Using a little bit of fabric conditioner will also make fitting the door seal easier.

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Stock No: 2633026PM