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Bosch Tassimo Joy II Coffee Machine


Bosch Tassimo Joy II Coffee Machine

Bosch Tassimo Joy II Coffee Machine


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    The Bosch Tassimo Joy II Hot Drinks Machine is incredibly easy to use with its fully automatic capsule system.


    Enjoy delicious tasting drinks at the touch of a button with the Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy II. Just pop in a T DISC, press with your cup against the Smart Start button, then watch this hot drinks machine create coffees, teas, chocolates and more in minutes.


    The Bosch TAS4502GB  utilises intelligent barcode technology to ensure the optimal drink quality every time. Bosch's Intellibrew system identifies the drink selected and adjusts the water, temperature and brewing time accordingly to deliver all of your coffee shop favourites at the touch of a button.


    With 5 LED user interface provides user with current information about machine status: Standby, Automatic mode, Manual mode, Refill water tank, machine needs to be descaled.



    • 1300 watts
    • Removable 1.4 litre water tank
    • Great variety with over 40 drinks from famous brands
    • Intellibrew™ System - Patented bar code technology identifies drink selected and adjusts amount of water, brewing time and temperature
    • Better flavour through Brita MAXTRA water filtration technology
    • Fully automatic drink preparation with just one button
    • No heat up time after switching on
    • Perfectly dosed capsule - each T disc contains high quality sealed ingredients
    • Innovative heating technology - the needed amount of water is only heated on demand
    • Immediately ready to brew drinks - virtually no cleaning and no taste transfer
    • Manual adaptation of drink strength
    • 5 LED User Interface - provides current information about machine status
    • Digital change indicators
    • For nearly all cup sizes - easily adjustable and removable cup stand
    • Includes Brita MAXTRA and Maves MAXTRA water filter cartridges
    • Easy cleaning - automatic cleaning and descaling program with dishwasher safe parts
    • Low energy consumption
    • Practical cable storage
    • Cable length: 100cm
    • Weight: 3.2 (Kg)
    • Colour: Black
    • Bosch Styline 2 Slice Toaster

      860 watts Mirror Heating / Quartz glass heater - for even heat distribution AutoHeat Control - electronic sensor for constant toasting performance...

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Stock No: 3889241PM