Handy FLY012 Plastic Blades


£4.16 Pack of 20
Handy FLY012 Plastic Blades

Handy FLY012 Plastic Blades


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  • Product Description

    The Plastic Blades are the cutting component of your lawnmower.

    One of the best ways to encourage a greener, healthier lawn is to use new plastic lawnmower blades. A dull blade rips and pulls the grass, leaving ragged tears that both weaken plants and promote grass diseases.

    This pack of 20 replacement Plastic Cutting Blades cut cleanly, allowing the lawn to heal and recover quickly.

    Severely bent lawnmower blades or those with blunted or damaged cutting surfaces may also fail to slice through the grass. Bent and damaged blades must be replaced rather that repaired. Overall, paying close attention to your lawn and your lawnmower will help greatly in determining when to replace the blades.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • Type: FLY012
    • Figure 8 connection
    • Includes 20 x plastic lawnmower cutting blades
    • Manufacturers’ names and numbers are used for reference purposes only. These parts are in no way associated with the initial manufacturers parts
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Stock No: 3800525PM