Andi L93MF7 Carbon Brushes (Pair)


£24.06 Pack of 2
Andi L93MF7 Carbon Brushes (Pair)

Andi L93MF7 Carbon Brushes (Pair)


Genuine spare part

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    Washing machines have electric motors and some motors have carbon brushes, the purpose of these brushes is to conduct electricity from the fixed parts of the motor through the moving parts of the motor.

    The symptoms of worn down carbon brushes:
    º No wash or spin action on your washing machine
    º Intermittent spins when on cycle
    º Large amounts of sparks coming out of the motor from the carbon brushes

    If the motor in your washing machine is stopping and starting or the motor has stopped altogether, then you may have a fault with the carbon brushes.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • Please Note: It is always advisable to change both carbon brushes at the same time.
    • Type: L93MF7
    • Includes 2 x carbon brushes
    • Carbon Brushes (Pair)

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Genuine spare part

Stock No: 2797527PM