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Acer Laptop Battery

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Acer Laptop Battery

Acer Laptop Battery


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  • Product Description

    Laptop batteries can suffer from heat damage, and are affected by memory charge-loss if charging is only partial or inconsistent.

    After many years of regular use, it is normal for your laptop computer's battery to lose its ability to hold a full charge. However, if your laptop cannot run on battery power at all anymore, it may need a replacement battery.

    Prevent these problems, or replace a battery that has naturally become flat over time, with this Laptop Battery which can provide a durable and reliable power source for your device.

    Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.


    • Also Known As: Battery Pack, Power Pack, Battery Cell, Power Cell, Cell, Rechargeable Battery
    • Battery Chemistry: Li-ion
    • Voltage: 10.8 (Volts)
    • Capacity: 4400mAh
    • 6 cells
    • Colour: Black
    • Note: When you receive the battery we recommend that you fully charge the battery with the laptop turned off. Once this has done disconnect your AC adaptor and remove the battery and then refit it and turn on the laptop. This will help condition the battery for optimum performance.
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Stock No: 3617488PM