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Acctim Titan 2 Alarm Clock


Acctim Titan 2 Alarm Clock

Acctim Titan 2 Alarm Clock


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  • Product Description

    The Titan 2 13880 Alarm Clock is a classic easy to read bed side alarm clock.

    Its sweep seconds hand feature ensures this clock is quiet allowing you to sleep easy as night without hearing a constant ticking. The crescendo alarm is sure to wake you without giving you a fright and the luminous tipped hands will allow you to read the time regardless of the time.

    A snooze button is extremely handy when you either need to get up early and it’s still dark or when you need a little extra sleep.


    • Crescendo alarm
    • Sweep seconds hand
    • Snooze function
    • Backlight
    • Luminous tipped hands
    • Dimensions : 83 x 108 x 69 (mm)
    • Colour: White
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Stock No: 3806311PM