Camcorder Battery Usage Tips

Camcorder Battery

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your replacement battery:

Setting up your new battery

When you buy a replacement camcorder battery it will come in a discharged condition and will need to be charged before use. The battery may need to pass through several cycles before the battery reaches maximum capacity. A cycle is when the battery goes from fully charged to completely empty.

Storing and conditioning camcorder batteries

If you are not going to use your camcorder for an extended period, for example 1 month or more, then it is a good idea to remove the battery and store in a cool, dry place. With the exception of Li-ion batteries it is important to condition your camcorder battery every few weeks to maintain performance. To condition a battery you need to drain it and recharge.

Camcorder battery care

To keep your camcorder battery in top condition you should never allow it to overheat as this can damage the battery and higher temperatures can also cause the battery to self-discharge quicker. You should also never store the battery with metal parts or short circuit the battery.

Types of Camcorder Batteries

There are several chemistries of camcorder batteries available. Most new models of digital camcorder will use lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries but if you have an older model it may use Nickel Cadium (Ni-cd) or Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

Understanding the camcorder battery label

The specifications for the camcorder battery will usually be printed on the reverse of the battery. There are two measurements to consider:

Voltage (V): The voltage rating for the replacement camcorder battery must exactly match that of the original.

Capacity (mAh): This is an indicator of how long a battery will last between charges. It is possible to use a replacement battery that has a higher capacity than the original to extend battery life.

Why buy a replacement camcorder battery?

If you're a keen film maker then it is likely that at some point during the life of your camcorder you will need to purchase a new battery. The main reasons for doing this are:

  • - To replace a flat camcorder battery
  • - To use as a spare battery
  • - To extend the operating time of your camcorder

When you replace a camcorder battery it needs to be:

  • - The same voltage as the original
  • - The same chemistry type (Li-ion, Ni-cd & Ni-MH)
  • - Comparable or greater capacity (mAh)

Using the camcorder battery finder

The easiest way to find the right replacement battery for your camcorder is to use our camcorder battery finder.

All you need to do is enter the brand of your digital camcorder and the camcorder model number. The model number will be stated in the user manual for the camera and in most cases will be printed on the outer casing.

Once entered, a list of batteries compatible with your model will be displayed and you can view the specifications of each battery. Use the information in our feature on 'types of camcorder batteries and understanding the battery label' to check which of the suggested batteries meets your requirements.

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